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doing big things with tiny houses

Lodgita, in partnership with Tiny House Tryouts, connects investors, landowners, and tiny house builders with property management for vacation rentals, as well as tenants for short and long term leases. For those who wish to live in a tiny house, we plan to offer sales, resales, and rent-to-own programs.

Got unused land? We'll help you to monetize your backyard with a tiny house dwelling unit. It's on wheels - no building necessary!

Couple in tiny house loft bed - Used by permission of tiny house tryouts - reuse prohibited
Wikimedia Commons Tiny House on Wheels
Man in tiny house kitchen - dorien-monnens-8oZNpmPxYNc-unsplash
Santa rosa cottage - httpswwwflickrcomphotosfaircompanies
Woman in tiny house loft bed - Used by permission of tiny house tryouts - reuse prohibited
Feet up in tiny house  @hannahsharriee via Twenty20
Woman in tiny house kitchen tina-dawson- for unsplash
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What's a "tiny house?"

A tiny house on wheels (THOW) is different than an RV or caravan in that it is constructed for more durable, residential use. Therefore, unlike an RV or caravan, many municipalities are increasingly codifying the use of tiny homes on wheels for long-term tenancy and short-term rentals. They provide a unique, comfortable, and fully self-contained experience for travelers who want an alternative to hotels and airbnb room rentals, or a more economical, versatile, sustainable, and independent way of life to those who live in them full time.

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How will you be involved?

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I want to earn money leasing my land to a moveable tiny home

I want to invest in tiny houses

I am a tiny house builder

I want to live in a tiny house (rent and rent-to-own programs)

I want to stay in a tiny house on vacation

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