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Investing in tiny houses

Tiny houses on wheels (THOWs) are unique assets as rental properties and investments. Although tiny houses are built to high standards to withstand highway towing, investors should not expect appreciable gains on the tiny homes themselves as they are not propertied real estate. Nevertheless, they are in high demand in both short-term and long-term rental markets, commanding a very high capitalization rate, and their shorter depreciation duration can provide considerable tax incentives. The mobility of moveable tiny homes also allows investors to capitalize on shifting and seasonal demand patterns.

We have partnered with Tiny House Tryouts to offer a full suite of services to investors whose contributions will help fuel the tiny house market and the worldwide movement for alternative housing.

This includes:

  • Matching you to a set of tiny house builders to chose from and negotiating a favorable price and insurance options for your investment.

  • Finding a suitable property or properties to host your tiny house; this includes vetting the legal landscape in addition to health and safety features of the property. (If you have land of your own, please also check out how you can earn through our Land Partners Program).

  • Arranging delivery to the site through insured and bonded professional drivers.

  • Setting up utilities connections and furnishing the tiny home.

  • Promoting and managing the tiny house as a short-term rental through insured platforms such as airbnb.

  • Or, reviewing and selecting long-term tenants. We can even facilitate a rent-to-own program so your investment can provide your tenant with an affordable pathway to home-ownership.

  • Resale programs and promotions for when you want to sell your tiny house investment. 

Investors: Renting
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